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Commercial Money Chests

Our commercial money chests are the backbone of retail stores all around the country.  Each unit features a large spacious interior, adjustable shelves, reinforced door jambs, UL listed locks and predrilled anchor holes.  You can further customize any of these units with interior lockers, special deposit chutes and even a through the wall deposit hopper.

Our BR series features a 1/2 inch solid steel door and face plate laser cut from a single sheet of steel, increasing accuracy and reducing waste.  This manufacturing technique results in a much stronger door and jamb area resistant to prying.  Fitted with a feature that extends the locking bolts when the door is shut, these units combine form and function to offer the best protection in this category.

The CR series features a 1 inch door and a 1/2 inch body to provide a formidable barrier between your valuables and the criminals.  These units use our unique Quad Bolt locking system for maximum pry resistance.  These safes include an adjustable hinge that allows for years of service from your Adesco Safe.  Every unit is available with electronic locks or a combination of mechanical and electronic locking solutions.  Please visit our website for a complete list of options and variations available.



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