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Composite Burglar & Fire Safes

If you are looking for a safe that offers excellent burglar and fire protection, then look no futher.  Our CBF series provides the best of both!

The CBF series is fire tested in accordance with the KSG 4500 of the Korean Industrial Standard to meet the requirements for two hour fire protection.  Burglary protection comes in part from the composite construction of the safe.  A two 2 inch thick door and a 3 inch thick body keep the vulnerable parts of the locking system away from drills and hammers.  Attack this unit with enough force and you will shatter the tempered glass relock, further protecting your valuables.  Anchoring the safe through the recessed anchor bolt hole and you will further protect against someone simply walking off with your safe and its contents.

The CMP utilizes our Quad Bolt locking system and is filled with pure concrete.  Those two features combine to provide a solid defense against any criminal.  While not fire rated, these models offer good fire protection due to the nearly 2 inches of concrete surrounding the contents of the safe.  Hot gases, the most damaging to the contents of the safe, are kept out with a UL classified intumescent door seal.

All our fire rated safes comes standard with a lifetime replacement guarantee.  Simply stated so if these safes go through a fire, you can receive a new safe directly from Adseco.  Visit our website for further information.



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