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Custom Applications

We design more custom safes than any other safe company.  Most will try to make your needs fit into their box.  Other philosophy is different, we want to understand you need and design a safe around you.

For your home, for your business, we can design a safe that can be built into custom cabinetry, fit under stairs or accomplish just about anything you need.  These units can be wired to your alarm system and even fitted with vibration and heat sensors.

In business Adesco has assisted many companies in designing safes that Integrate smoothly in sophisticated cash handling systems.  Proper safe design along with cash handling protocols can virtually eliminate cash loss from both internal and external sources.  Multiple cash handling problems can be solved through the use of internal compartments, chutes, and a blend of mechanical and electronic locking devices.

Please visit our website to see some unique designs we have created for other companies.



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