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Home and Small Business Floor Safes

Floor safes are the modern version of what people have been doing for thousands of years; hiding their treasures.  Adesco was the first company to build a full line of square in the floor safes.  Today we continue this tradition with one of the largest offerings of floor safes in the industry.

All our models feature UL listed locks, drill resistance and spring activated relocking devices.  The SO series floor safe is the least expensive floor safe in our line offering a lift out a 1/2 inch thick steel door.  Our S series adds a 4 inch solid steel locking bar to maximize drill and pry resistance.  Popular hinged floor safes come in two models; our QB with a 1/2 inch door and CQB with a 1 inch door.  These safes feature four solid steel locking bolts, spring assisted hinges and excellent storage capacities.  Those who are looking for serious security should visit our website for information on our EXH line UL listed TL-15 floor safes.



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