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Premium Business Deposit Safes

Our premium deposit line is designed to provide you with a safe that is upgradeable, repairable, and built stronger than any other deposit safe in its class.

Our RD (rotary deposit) is designed with curves baffles protecting the drop area.  A large 4 inch x 6 inch x 10 inch package area allows for the largest drop capacity available.  The hopper is built with thicker steel than the chest itself since it will be the focus of any sledge hammer attack.

If you prefer a front loading deposit safe our PD (postal deposit) series is for you.  Our famous recessed baffle technology reduces the risk of a sledge hammer attack on the drop section.  Each of our PD series safes (with the exception of our PD 2214) have a hidden shelf inside on the back wall for additional storage of cash and other valuables.
All models feature recessed doors and handles that increase pry resistance and create a safer work environment.  Each safe has an integrated door jamb that reinforces the safe at the most likely point of attack.  This feature creates a field replaceable door that allows you to repair instead of replace your safe after an attack, reducing your total cost of ownership.



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