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Utility Safes

If your goal is to protect items from opportunistic people then perhaps one of our utility safes will work for you.  Our design Principle behind this line of products is to remove temptation from basically good people.

The WS14-4 wall safe is designed to easily mount between 16 inches on center studs by simply cutting out a section of drywall, placing and bolting the unit in.  With two carpeted fixed shelves that double as door stops, this safe will provide you years of trouble free service.

Our GS series offer electronic locks in a standard hotel configuration.  They function by requiring entry of the combination to both open and close the safes.  They include one that uses a credit card as the key. The LTB variation offers an upgraded electronic lock.  This series features a felted base plate that conceals the anchor holes in the bottom of the safe.

The LS series is large enough for a small cash tray or even a laptop computer.  The LS is available with a Medesco cam lock, small format interchangeable core lock or even a combination lock.  These models feature a carpeted base plate that conceals the anchor holes in the bottom of the safe.

Our Hide-A-Buck is a magnetic steel box that will hold three rows of currency up to an inch thick.  When concealed inside your safe on the ceiling, criminals who gain access to your safe won't think to look on the ceiling for cash and will only steal what they can see.



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