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1-Hour Rated Fire Safes

This series is by far our most popular among residential customers.  These contemporary designs offer some of the largest storage areas at a most economical price.  Each model comes standard with a sliding tray and a recessed anchor hole.  These units passed fire test that include a drop such as one that might occur if a safe falls from a second story to the first.  All our fire rated safes in this series have passed the Korean Industrial Standard KSG 4500 requirements for one hour fire resistance.

Available with a high security key and combination dial, or a digital key pad, these models are both secure and convenient for nearly any situation that needs fire protection.  While there safes have some burglary protection, we recommend that you take a look at our CBF series if burglary is a concern.  All our fire rated safes come standard with a lifetime replacement guarantee.  Simply stated - if these safes go through a fire, you can receive a new safe directly from Adesco.  Visit our website for further information.



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