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2-Hour Rated Fire Safes

Residential and commercial users alike have seen the value in our two hour rated fire safes.  These models are perfect for the storage of important documents and records that need protection from fire.  These larger units have passed the Korean Industrial Standard KSG 4500 requirements for two hour fire resistance.

All models in this series have at least 1 lockable drawer and adjustable shelves to accommodate your odd shaped items.  The safes in this series are offered standard with a UL listed combination lock and spring loaded relocking device further protecting the safes contents.  Each safe in this series can be upgraded with our electronic locks.  Visit our website for more information on upgrades and accessories.  All our fire rated safes come standard with a lifetime replacement guarantee.  Simply stated - if these safes go through a fire, you can receive a new safe directly from Adesco.  Visit our website for further information.



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