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Electronic Digital Lock:

Combines the protection of a combination lock with the convenience of a keypad. Models: Sargent and Greenleaf 6120, brass finish, LaGard 33E, brass finish and LaGard 3600, brass finish.

Will constantly guard your valuables against the threat of rust and moisture damage. Electrical access is required. Part # P1882

Prevents rust and moisture damage. Part # 364-5027

144 Hour Time Lock
Safes equipped with Time Locks offer the capability of locking the safe for a pre-selected period of time. Time periods range from 1 hour to 144 hours (6 full days).

Spyproof Dial
Restricts unauthorized viewing while dialing combination. Also available with key locking feature.

Key Locking Front Read Dial
Key is used to lock dial in a fixed position and affords dual custody control. Manager has the combination, collector has the key. Both must be present to unlock the safe.

Electronic Digital Lock



144 Hour Time Lock

Spyproof Dial

Key Locking Front Read Dial


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