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These Gardall fire resistive safes are designed and tested to withstand severe fire with outside temperatures reaching 1700F. Interior temperatures will not exceed 350F within two hours. The charring temperature of paper is 405F. All Gardall fire resistive safes provide a comfortable margin that protects your valuables. But these models don't stop at just fire protection. They also have Class "B" burglary resistive features built right in at the factory. And don't forget, every fire insurance policy states that "proof of loss" is required for all claims. When your business or personal inventories are locked inside a Gardall fire resistive safe, your "proof of loss" is protected.

Manufacturers 2-Hour Fire Label
A safe similar in construction to this was tested by the manufacturer in an independent facility in a furnace at temperatures of 1750F, for a period of time exceeding 2 hours before the interior of the safe reached 350F.

Large Record Safes


    • U.L. Listed Group II lock or key-op lock available.
    • Full locking bar on hinged side of door deterring entry by removal of hinges.
    • Plated interlocking door bolts extend into safe wall preventing entry if hinges are removed.
    • Hard plate between the lock and dial ring.
    • Independent relocking device.
    • Available with electronic push-button lock.
Model Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions Inside
3620 361/4" 201/2" 191/2" 431/2" 253/4" 263/4" 14490 3 804
4220 421/4" 201/2" 191/2" 491/2" 253/4" 263/4" 16890 3 871
4820 481/4" 201/2" 191/2" 551/2" 253/4" 263/4" 19285 4 975

Add 2" to outside depth for dial and handle




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